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Who Is Sky B? Sky B Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Cause Of Death, What Killed Him


Who Is Sky B? Sky B Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Cause Of Death, What Killed Him? – Sky B is a Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter who became popular back in 2007 following the release of his debut album ”Pray For Me”. Sky B died on October 10 2019. Reports claimed he died of heart attack.

Sky B Music Career

Sky B made name for his self in 2007 with his debut album “Pray For Me” which sold nearly 1 million CD copies excluding pirated copies, On the album he had two hit track which pushed him to the limelight of the entertainment industry¬† “I”m Calling”¬† and ”Go Gaga”.

The other tracks where hits also, some done with slow emotion laden beats and some done with what was considered party beats back then, although compared to now, those party beats are outdated can’t match the current one produced now.

Based in Port Harcourt Nigeria’s Sky B was famous for how he mixes great vocals with local flavour producing a genre of Hip hop which we haven’t seen of recent. Not even the likes of Baby Flavour and 9ice can match him on that, Sky B was so talented that people started grading him on par with the likes of P.square and 2face(both of them seniors).

Fast forward 2008 Sky B was tipped to become a long time member of Nigeria’s music industry, as bright and young as he is many expected him to become one of the pillars of Nigeria music, as he was in the same form with Alingo crooners the group known as P.square, Ihe na eme artist 2face and the Nigeria beef master Ruggedman not forgetting Idris.

For a promising talent who burst into limelight to vanish like that is beyond comprehension, how many current Nigeria artist made it into limelight on their first try? Only two I know of Timaya and Sky B, Timaya with his first Album, that hit 1 million copies sold since then he haven’t looked back.

Is now six years since Sky B vanished from Nigeria’s music scene, like a whirl wind, he vanished into thin air. While Sky B went into self-exile,P.square, 2face, D’banj and others came up.

Sky B Death – What Killed Him

Sky B suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, where he was confirmed dead.

Sky B Songs

1. Pray For Me

2. Am Calling

3. Go Gaga


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