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Who Is Katlego Malele? Katlego Malele, Leon Kriel & Fergusons


Katlego Malele has made serious allegation against DOP Leon Kriel. Katlego Malele in a series of tweets reveled how Leon Kriel wanted to sleep with him which on the process he lost his job.

Read Katlego Malele Tweets Below..

My name is katlego malele i was part of the crew shooting the queen. The DOP Leon Kriel wanted to sleep with me and I refused that’s when things started going side ways for me. I ended up hating my job and myself even got depressed until I decided to quit Fergusons

Fergusons Shona told me I have a big ego and they just brushed my issue off because they didn’t want to lose their precious DOP.

The local TV production company Fergusons Films, owned by power couple Shona and Connie Ferguson, have released an official statement over iGazi actress Vatiswa Ndara’s open letter accusing them of exploitation.

In lengthy letter released through their lawyer Brendon De Kooker, they address other allegations made by The Throne actress Keke Mphuthi of mistreatment. They also addressed allegations made by The Queen crew member Katlego Malele over alleged sexual harassment on the set of the show.

“The allegations towards Ferguson Films are consequently misguided, misdirected and misleading and can be seen as a ploy to defame and tarnish our name and reputation,” the statement read.

“Ferguson Films prides itself in producing quality shows, providing much needed employment to new and old talent and contributing to the growth of the industry. We will remain steadfast in our endeavor to treat everyone who works with us fairly and with the utmost respect.”


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