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What You Need To Know About Suleiman Achimugu – First Person To Die Of ConVid 19 In Nigeria


Who Is Suleiman Achimugu, Biography, Profile, Wikipedia, Age? Suleiman Achimugu is the first person to die of Coronavirus in Nigeria since the pandemic disease evaded the country. Before the outbreak of the virus worldwide Suleiman Achimugu traveled to the UK for a medical treatment.

Below Is What You Need To Know About Suleiman Achimugu

Name: Engineer Suleiman Achimugu

Age: 67

Country: Nigeria

State: Kogi State

Wife: Aisha Suleiman

Suleiman Achimugu is a 67 year old man who hails Kogi state. He was  the former Managing Director of Pipelines and Products Marketing Company, a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Suleiman Achimugu is married Aisha Sueiman and blessed with children.

Suleiman Achimugu Death

Suleiman Achimugu was the first patience of Coronavirus to die in Nigeria, Suleiman who returned to Nigeria from the United Kingdom two weeks ago, started showing symptoms of the virus last Tuesday.

Suleiman Achimugu eventually died around 2:00am on Monday after coughing severely for most part of Sunday.

Before his death the officials of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control were informed of his situation and even took his blood sample for testing but they never got back to his family until he died overnight.

His blood sample tested positive for the virus.

“NCDC officials came to the house and took his blood specimen. Even though it tested positive, they never got back to us until he died at a hospital in Gwagwalada.

This situation place the family Suleiman Achimugu’s family under quarantine in the house.

The burial of Suleiman Achimugu will be handled by the NCDC so as to avoid a further spread of the virus.


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