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The Mystery Death Of Carolina Lewis The 23yr-old Tennis Star That Died In Washington DC

Carolna Lewis Tnnis Player Found In In Her Hotel Room In Washington DC

Carolina Lewis is a 23 year-old talented young female tennis star who was found dead in the US capitol. Carolina Lewis, 23, was on a visit to Washington DC when she unexpectedly died on Monday, according to multiple reports.

The demised tennis player has once  played Division One tennis in the US for Kansas State University, and was widely seen as having a bright future in the tennis world.

The late tennis player is believed to be a  niece of Wimbledon finalist Chris Lewis, one of New Zealand’s biggest sports stars of the 80s, who is still regarded as “tennis royalty” in the nation.

Carolina was found dead in a hotel room in Washington, DC, it was reported before her naked body was discovered.

Police is still investigating on the cause of her death, authorities say.

Carolina  studied sports journalism at university, and had a large following on social media where she shared photos of her athletic physique.

Her family moved from New Zealand to Hilton Head, a wealthy town in the southern United States, when Carolina was a teenager. They have started a fund-raising page for her memorial.


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