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Kanye West’s ”Jesus Is King Album”: No Release Date Yet


Rapper, Kanye West last month announced that he will be releasing his new gospel album ‘Jesus Is King’ on September 27, fans waited for the album but Kanye never came up with album as promised. At the moment we no longer have the release date for ” Jesus Is king Album”.

TMZ had earlier published on Monday (Sept. 30) on their website about what went wrong and also stated that the reason is because ‘Ye is still working on the album. Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian had announced a release date of Sept. 27, then updated fans by saying it would come out two days later, Sept. 29. It was later pushed to October, but for now, the release date remains a mystery.

“Every time he listens, there’s something he wants to change,” TMZ reported from a source in Kanye’s camp.

The 42 year rapper, Kanye West made it officially known to the public that he is done with secular music and will from now on move in on a new style as a gospel artist.


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