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How To Control Fraud In Nigeria [13 Ways]


Fraud cases are becoming more rampant in Nigeria and the Nigerian Government with the help of security agencies are doing all they could to curtail the menace destroying the countries image.

In today post we will detailing ways Nigerian Government can control fraud. Read Below..

How To Control Fraud In Nigeria

1. Create a citizenship data base which should include finger print and DNA profiling.

2. Create a well funded SWAT force with latest manuvering helicopters atleast five H-copters in each state. This will help the SWAT team of sharp shooters to deploy within seconds and back up ground force.

3. CBN should create a data base for banks where customer’s information such as names finger print will be store made accessible to policing agencies during an investigation.

4. Create a crime data base, the president should make a nationwide broadcast to educate Nigerian on the crime data base and how it can affect their lives positively and negatively and warn them to desist from crime. All employment agencies, banks, industries should be mandated to do a background check before employing a citizen also political office holders and the presidential aspirant should under-go background checks, if anyone was found to have committed a crime that person becomes automatically disqualified even if the person is a first-class product.

If we had such system people like Ibori who was once involved in credit card fraud and theft in the UK would have been disqualified before he became governor and that would have saved us billions of dollars he stole.

No matter how small a crime is and how young the criminal might be that person’s name should be entered into the crime data base if found guilty. That will send a strong signals to the Youths and every citizens.

5. Restore Electricity immediate with all tools available, meanwhile all electricity exported to neigbouring nations like Niger, Ghana, Benin etc should be stop and reverted back to power the nation. Because with electricity small scale business will strive. And temptation to perfect crime will reduce.

6. Create a telecom data base, where call data of both mobile, CDMA abd fixed lines will be recorded and policing agencies can access it to link criminals, i applaud recent requirement of mobile registration, but more needs to be done like pictures, that way the data base will have names, pics and even tumb print side by side.

7. Instead of yeye community policing which allow police men to extort money, i would recommend intelligent policing, where intelligent gathering police officers in disguise will be posted to work and live under cover for months, it should be strategically planed where they can be deployed to live in a room apart and make friends with the neighbors.

Some should be posted as mechanic apprentices while other should seek jobs as bear pa lour attendant. This is the most important tool that the FBI is using here in America. s*xy female officers should also be recruited and posted on prostitution pretense with wire-tap and back-up monitoring personals.

The intelligent policing should include police men posing as mafia drug dealers & mafia gun dealers, who will sell marked guns without arresting the criminals and even follow them to perform police programmed crimes. mostly bullion van robberies where bullion vans set-up by the police with cash will be robbed.

This is the way to squash high profile robberies gangs. After the robberies must have successfully taken place and during sharing of the proceed the gangs will be rounded up. That way the inner-gods of crimes can be brought to book. Cos’ most of the time brains behind robberies never go for the robberies but surface during sharing of proceeds. I m surprised that the past and present IG himself couldn’t come up with such ideas what training do they go for in the USA and Europe what conferences? if they can wire profession policing back home.

8. All policing personal should be insured to the tune of N5million naira minimum with a govt house in case of death of policeman during crime fighting or spray bullets by robbers such insurance should be paid to the family after exhaustive investigation, however insurance will not cover police officers lunched by angry mob after shooting a conductor who refuses to pay N20 bribe or police officers who was shot by robbers because of exposure during collection of N20 bribe, that is why a solid investigation should be carried out to determine how the officer died and impact point of bullet.

Yes, impact point of bullet tells a great deal of story with a sophisticated forensic institution to process it. In order to save govt frivolous insurance fees knowing the kind of country will live in most wives of police officers can poison their husband either because the love has gone sour or the man has ladies outside, once they know N5million is up for grabs, that is why the insurance wont cover such death, we should be responsible for our action. All policing officers serving, his/her children educational fees and healthy requirement should be immediately covered by the government to boost moral.

9. A modern forensic institution should be built in each state with personal sent to the USA for 6 months – 1 year training. This will aid in the capture of hired killers and processing of bullet shells found on robbery sites, mind you bullet shells have finger prints on them. Without a modern forensic institution, DNA and finger print data-base is useless.

10. A mandatory requirement should be made in secret to all embassies both African, Asian and Europe embassies in Nigeria to forward names of applicants applying for visa to travel abroad for background check and clearance such names and passport details should be forwarded to the policing agencies directly by the embassies .

Once a crime is commit the next thing a criminal thinks about is jetting out of the country, most youths perform crimes to raise money for visa and travel expenses especially to America and Europe, and can be pin down during visa application, this is another way to capture criminals on the run.

11. Nigerian embassies abroad should partner with with policing agencies abroad so that any Nigerian caught committing crime abroad should be deported back home, international passport seized and a 5 yrs travel abroad band implemented and sent to all embassies, while the person’s name is entered into the nation’s crime data base.

12. States governments should implement “Operation no criminal accommodation” If anyone found to have committed a crime should not be accommodated in any state but his/her state of origin/state of birth. That way a criminal who is from edo state and committed a crime in lagos will not be allowed to live in any other state in the country than edo state. This can be done if a citizen identity card with a compact swipe identification facility which will be available to all motorized police officers.

13. Death sentence should be made mandatory for criminals apprehended and convicted for robberies and political office holders who steal from govt purse or get kick backs from over inflated contracts because political office holder are crime boosters they boost crime by frustrating the citizens they swore to protect by defrauding the nation and stealing funds required for projects that will make life meaningful for the masses.

Number 12 is no doubt a tough rule but we are also in a tough state of crime in our nation where hard working citizens cant have rest of mind, as well only a toughly implemented rule will drastically change Nigeria, majority of Nigerians are law abiding and advantage taking citizens, so with a lapsed law/system you can be sure that most Nigerians will seize every opportunity to game the system. Tho!, #12 can be open for debate, but if i was the president it will be implemented immediately, after all who wants to harbor a convict.


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